Thursday, February 20, 2014

Swinery Meats

Swinery Meats is a very small space that seats about 6 people at a long bar.  They offer a small selection of sandwiches, and 1 bacon dog. In addition, to some good eats, they have a great selection of various cuts of meats, cured meats, and bacon. The Swinery serves all organic meat, according to their website all of the animals come from within 300 miles.

I heard about the Swinery from some co-workers, and they were raving about the BLT - crispy pork belly, fresh greens, tomatoes, house made chicken liver pate mayo on a Macrina bakery bun.  How I had not heard of this sooner?!  My girlfriend and and I did not waste anytime, and made the trek over to West Seattle.  We must have a BLT!

When we arrived, we reviewed the small menu board on the wall, just in case we might be swayed to try something other than the BLT.  Although all the sandwiches looked great, I came for the BLT.  We placed our order with the kind lady behind the counter, our order was taken downstairs, and within 15 minutes our BLT and fries arrived through the front door.

Now before I took a bite of the BLT, I was kind of already thinking this sandwhich is going to be over the top.  Between the pork belly and chicken liver, i just thought it would be too heavy or maybe too salty.  However, it was nether of those.  There was a good slice of pork belly that was nice and crispy, and the chicken liver pate mayo just gave it that right amount of creaminess.  I do think the veggies were a nice touch and perhaps was good way not to make it so overwhelming.  You also can never go wrong with a Macrina bun.  All and all it was a great sandwich.  I would not eat this everyday, but I will have one again.

The next time I visit I would like to try one of the pulled pork sandwiches as well as the bacon dog.

Even though I was pretty full, there was just enough room to taste some cured meat, which they have quite a selection.  I ended up purchasing the Sopresetta and the Salami de Cacao.  The Salami Cacao is made with coco beans. Someone has combined two of my favorite things???  Chocolate and meat???  Of course I will try and buy some of this.  You can just taste a little of the coco, but has a nice balanced flavor.

So if you are in West Sealltle and looking for good and meaty to eat, well Swinery meats is the place to go!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I hope to get there today.