Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Radishes and Butter

Radishes and Butter..this post is not about a restaurant, but about my food experience and memories.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I don't remember having alot of fresh veggies.  I don't recall anyone in the family having a large garden.  My grandmother had the largest pantry of canned veggies I think. Times had changed.  My grandparents both worked, as did my parents. Canned goods provided families a matter of convenience and perhaps some cost savings.

However, I do always remember having fresh radishes. When I moved to the Northwest, it seemed not very many people had ever had a radish. In fact, in college I took a. Psychology class.  We had this group experiment where we had to taste things while we were blindfolded.  One of the items was a radish.  Out of the 5 people in my group, I was the only person who guessed radish.  One of the members of the group turned to me and asked "how did you know this"?  My response, was " How do you not know what a radish is?"

Radishes always seemed to be in the refrigerator.  Just grabbed a couple and sprinkle some salt on them, and you had had yourself a nice little snack.

Awhile back I was watching Anthony Bourdain.  He was in NYC at Prune and eating radishes and butter. What??  Tony is spreading fresh creamy butter on a radish.  That seems a little odd, but also sounds a little delicious. After doing a little reading, it seems that radishes and butter is quite popular with the French.

About a year ago or so, I visited Walrus and Carpenter, there it was radishes from a local farm and butter on the menu.  I was very excited and must try.  It is a must to have Real butter (no margarine people), and really good butter.  I can now say I am a big fan of this. Radishes tend to have a bit of spice/sharp flavor. Then you top that with that some creamy, sweet butter and this all = YUMMMMMM.

I am seeing more and more radishes and butter on restaurant menus during the spring and summer.  So if you have never had Radishes and Butter, I highly recommend you try.  Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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