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Monday, May 12, 2014

O'o Farm

O'o farm is located in the upcountry of Maui. The farm is located not too far from the lavender farms and Ocean Vodka.  From Kehi is take about 40 -45 minutes to drive to the farm.  The farm has an expansive views of the island.   The farm grows coffee, and variety of fruits and veggies. The farm supplies their bounty to Pacific'O restaurant.  However, the lunch that is held at the farm receives the first choice of the ingredients. The tour begins at 10:30 where you are greeted by your tour guide, provided some history and information of the farm.  As we make our way up to the outdoor kitchen, you pass the coffee bean and fruit trees.  You are encouraged to pick from the tree to smell and taste.

You work your way up to the outside kitchen where Chef JJ is waiting to greet you.  He has a large basket of greens and veggies that were picked that morning.  Along with the some miscellaneous spices.  All of these ingredients will be used in the preparation of the lunch.  The Chef will talk you the menu and pints out the ingredients that will be used for that dish.  You are more than welcome to bring a bottle of wine to have with your lunch (or for some people they bring an ice chest of adult beverages).  At this time, you can leave your wine behind, and they will keep it chilled if necessary.

The rest of the tour takes you around to the rest of the farm where you learn more about composting, visit the vegetable garden and pick lettuce and veggies for the salad that will be served during lunch. The farm also has a coffee roaster on site as well.  They are currently building a structure where it will house a bigger  roaster and seating with a nice view to sip and enjoy your coffee.  In the meantime, there is a smaller roaster in the tool shed.  During the demo of the roasting process, the lunch bell rings.  I wanted to just start moving at that point at time.  I was ready for lunch.

Finally we made our way back to the kitchen.  it is time to eat.
 Chef JJ has everything ready to be served up.  The dining room is long wooden tables with benches.  The view isn't too bad either.
 The menu for lunch was:

Tofu with oven roasted vegetables and herbs from the garden
Kaffir lime mahi, sizzling lemongrass oil and O'o farm vegetables
O'o farm greens with lemon vinaigrette
Hawaiian sea salt and herbed focaccia
Espresso chocolate truffles
O'o fresh roasted coffee

The tour is interesting, but really I went for the lunch.  The lunch was well worth walking around for a couple of hours, especially when there is enough for seconds.

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