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In September, I went to Spain, and finally able to experience the Spanish cuisine.  Soon after I returned I started hearing about Aragona.  Aragona was going to be serving Spanish classic dishes.  I began stalking the local foodie sites and Aragona site for the opening.  Finally it opened and my reservation secured.

Argaona has a prime location.  Overlooking the Seattle waterfront and the Wheel.  The interior reminds me of a modern Franklin Lloyd Wright.   But I not here to talk about the interior...let's get to the food.
We started with the spot prawns with cider sauce.  When it arrived at the the table, it does not look like anything spectacular, but don't judge a spot prawn by its looks.  The prawns were perfectly cooked, and very tasty.  I wasn't sure what to expect from cider sauce, but it was delicious.  I could have just had a whole bowel of this sauce and would have been happy.  My boyfriend and I wanted to pick the bowl up and not leave one drop of the sauce behind.   You know wen you want to do this the dish must be good.

When I visited Spain, veggies or salad's were not something you would see on a menu.  We decided to share the shaved cabbage salad.  Mostly because it had slivered lomo iberico.  The ham was slivered alright, and not really visible. We were able to taste it in with the cabbage, pomegranate seeds and almonds. It was nicely dressed, and had alot of flavor for a cabbage salad.
For my entree, I decided to try something different.  I had the soupy rice soup with geoduck and turnips.  My boyfriend decided to have the grilled octopus.  When my boyfriend and I go out to dinner, I like to play a game who won with the best dish.  This time my boyfriend won.  The octopus was cooked well, not dry, and nice grilled flavor.  The trinxat potatoes and cauliflower were just as tasty.  My dish, the broth was too salty and fishy tasting.  The geoduck was nice and tender, but that was about the only good thing I can say about this.  This entree is a skipper.

Thank goodness for dessert. The Aragona: extra virgin olive oil ice cream rolled in cocoa nib and thyme with bread crumbs and aerated, frozen chocolate mousse got that fishy, salty taste out of my mouth and was delicious!!
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