Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fin Fish

A couple of  weekends ago my boyfriend visited RockCreek in Fremont. RockCreek focuses on serving the freshest caught seafood from around the country. RockCreek was also one of Top Newcomers of 2013. Therefore, I must check this place out.

First, when you visit RockCreek, note that is shares a building with another restaurant. If you are not paying attention (like we were not), you might just walk into a hamburger joint. Once you walk out of the hamburger joint, walk down the stairs, turn to your left, and walk just a few steps up the street to RockCreek.

We did not have a reservation, and the restaurant was already full. However, there were 2 seats in the bar, but not to next to each other. The staff was very friendly in getting us the one seat, so we can get a drink and stalk the bar patrons to get the next free seat that became available. We were not there for 5 minutes, when the bartender freed us up a seat by asking a couple people to move down. Very courteous, and off to a good start. The bar is a little small and a little snug, but they do have comfy bar seats, and the bartenders are very friendly, and we got great service.

So now on to the good stuff..seafood. First we started off by sharing the RockCreek Oyster Stew. There is no skimping in with the oysters in this stew. There were plenty of nice plump, juicy oysters. The stew has some interesting flavors, and my first bite I was not sure if I liked this or not. I gave it a few more bites, and the flavors meld together, and decided this was a tasty stew.

Next we moved to the main course. RockCreek offers a variety of fin fish, as they call it. Not your standard fare of fish you see on menus here the PNW. Fish like Florida Grouper, Mutton Snapper and Monkfish. I'll admit, I went towards something I knew and liked,#1 Hawaiian Tombo Tuna, and my boyfriend ordered the Neah Bay Black Cod Provencale. Both of the seafood dishes are served in a light broth. The tuna was accompanied with shaved brussel sprouts, delicata squash, and hern of the woods dashi broth (this is something I have not heard of before). The tuna was perfectly cooked. The broth had an Asian flavor to it, and really paired with the squash. My opinion, is it was a little overpowering and heavy for the fish and the brussel sprouts. However, the broth on its own was very good. The Black Cod was served with sherry lime, caramelized shallots, and Provencale herbs. My boyfriend won the evening with this dish. This was just so good. The broth was just light, full of flavor, and was perfect with the cod. We both would have this dish again!

Don't forget dessert...and that I did not.  I was immediately intrigued by the RockCreek S’mores – Valrhona chocolate mousse, smoked
meringue, caramel, sea salt, graham tuille.  First it sounded good, and who does not like a good S'more, no matter how it is presented to you.  Second, it fits in with the feel and decor of the restaurant.  With the pictures of trees and babbling brooks and rivers (as seen by the graphic above), it just seemed appropriate. The S'more did not not disappoint.  The mousse in the middle was divine, and just right amount of sweetness.  As I was eating this, i ate my graham tuille before i was finished.  As i was just think i need like 2 more of these, the bartender commented "you need more of that graham cracker don't you?  They are just so good!"  Yes, they are!  :)

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