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Friday, January 3, 2014

Confessions of a Foodie

Hi, my name is Jarae and I am a Foodie.  I'm not quite sure when I became a foodie or how it happened.  It probably started when I discovered Anthony Bourdain.  At first I was drawn in by the travel aspect of the show.  I love to travel and discover new places.  However, I think when I watched the El Bulli episode, I witnessed whole other side of food.  Eating at El Bulli was just not going to any type of restaurant and eating.  It was a whole new experience with food, to the way it is prepared, plated, and presented to the lucky person who got to consume the end result.

I grew up in Oklahoma.  My experience with food was it was either fried, smothered in gravy, or barbecue sauce. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these things.  Anytime I can locate a good chicken fried steak with white gravy and some fried okras that tasted as good as my grandmother's I am all over it, There were not a lot of fancy restaurants, just simple American cuisine, that wasn't always that great, but  it was there to sustain and comfort  you.

Now I have become a foodie, food snob,and follow chefs like rock stars.  I am always looking for new exciting, and interesting restaurants to try.  I am willing to try about anything new at least once.  Whenever I travel, part of my itinerary is looking for the top restaurant to eat at. Food has become more than a way to sustain me, it has become a hobby.  Some people like to go camping or paint....I like to experience and eat really good food.   I have decided to document my gastronomic journey, and share my eating experiences, past and present, and thoughts on food.

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