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Monday, January 13, 2014

Pop-Up Mexican

I attended my first pop-up restaurant this evening at Cantinetta Bellevue.  Cantinetta hosted Chef Gabriel Chavez.  Chef Gabriel has worked at Boat Street Cafe and Serifina.  He has decided to open his own restaurant (sometime in May he reported tonight) in Bellevue.  Chef Gabriel is from Mexico and wants to share his taste of his homeland with the Seattle.  After tonight's tasting, Bellevue is in for some good eats this summer.

Tonight's menu included, tostado, poblano pepper stuffed with pork, chili verde, and homemade churros.  Every dish had a wonderful flavors, and made you think you were in sunny Mexico vs rainy Seattle.  The table favorite was the poblano pepper stuffed with pork.  It had a nice sauce over with apples and pomegranate seeds that help balance out the spiciness of the pepper. It was a good savory - sweet dish.  

The other favorite was the homemade churros.  Just when you thought we did not have room for another bite of anything else, we all managed to find the room for churros..  They were so light and just the right amount of sweetness to end the very savory, delicious dinner.

If you live on the Eastside or will be visiting sometime after May, look for Chef Gabriel's new restaurant on Main St in Bellevue. Until then you can always visit Cantinetta for some very delicious Italian food.

Blogger Update - Chef Gabriel has opened Chavez on Capital Hill. I have not had a chance to visit yet, but it if you have please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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